7 Things to Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Going green not only reduces our positive impact on the environment but also allows for energy savings to add up in terms of dollar value which is the ultimate point of alternative power sources.

It is paramount for home and business owners who want to invest in solar energy to have full knowledge of their systems. Solar energy is quite an investment, hence the need to enjoy your value for money. It is necessary to take note of the following: –

Ensure solar energy modules are properly installed.

It is very important to make sure that your solar modules are correctly mounted. This decision also comes with other considerations that are:-

1. Does your roof need repairs?

The state of your roof is a big consideration as repairing it will be costly and besides it might be dangerous. Solar modules must be mounted on a roof that is in good state to avoid any accidents in the future.

2. Do you have a north facing roof?

In Zimbabwe, it is important to ensure your roof is north-facing for solar modules to generate the most power.

3. Did you look around for installers?

A certified solar installer is always recommended. Finding the right installer means getting as many quotations to compare and view jobs done prior. This is done to ensure that you get the best from the investment.

4. What about warranties?

What sort of warrant does the installer offer on the workmanship? Ensure that you work with an installer who will provide warranty for the modules offered and work done. This will protect both you and the installer in case of future issues relating to the system.

5. Are you connecting to the grid?

Are you net metering or it is for your use only? This affects the number of panels as ZETDC has a specific number of wattage for you to be allowed to take part in net metering.

6. Orientation, elevation and shading.

Will the panels be partially shaded at any point of the day?

7. What about costs?

Are you aware of the costs that come with the module installations?  Balance of system costs generally comes down when you make use of high wattage panels

Before the installation is done, do check the above mentioned issues and make your worthwhile investment!

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