We Are Experts In Residential & Commercial Solar Energy

Inspired by the (southern lights) Auroras which are a result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind. These disturbances are sometimes strong enough to alter the trajectories of charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma. Aurora Energy seeks to change the trajectory of renewable energy sources. Our vision lies in reducing the carbon footprint through providing cleaner, affordable, environmentally friendly and sustainable sources of power.

Established in 2019, Aurora Energy stocks a wide range of solar equipment with the aim to be your one stop solar equipment shop. Our stock selection is made of reputable brands and we strive as much as possible to source from OEMs passing on these massive benefits to our clients.

Our Vision

For our Consumers: We envision providing sustainable energy solutions across Africa.

For our Team: Being the most knowledgeable experts in renewable energy, lighting and electrical solutions.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions that impact positively in people’s lives.

Our Values

1. Customer Satisfaction – we are not done until the customer is satisfied completely.

2. Worthy of trust – we keep our promises and we do the right thing period!

3. Respect for each other – we are inclusive and collaborative, and individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents.

Our Story

We have a dynamic and unique team within our company which brings together a mix of experience, skills and qualifications. The rich variety of our backgrounds and perspectives give Aurora Energy the range of expertise required to provide solutions to our clients’ most complex problems.

About Us

Mr Chasara 

Managing Director 

Mr Chasara has been in the distribution industry for more than 15 years in the Marketing sector. He started as a sales representative in 2008 after obtaining a Diploma with IMM in 2006. He gained vast experience from then until he founded Stadic Distributors which mainly distributes Petroleum Products throughout the country. His success at the helm of Stadic Distributors inspired him to start Aurora Energy as his vision is in developing a comprehensive energy organization that powers Africa.

About Us

Mr Kanyenze

Business Development Director

An entrepreneur at heart Oyako has over 10 years in the Renewable Energy Sector. He is the Business Development Director and brings a wealth of experience in CRM, developing new business opportunities, building and expanding the presence of the Company and its brand He has worked in diverse sectors including banking and finance where he learnt the importance of building a trustworthy brand. An avid sports fan he enjoys an active lifestyle.

About Us

Kudzai Rusike


Kudzai Rusike manages the administration of Aurora energy, with experience in areas of administration, human resource development and industrial relations. She is highly equipped with Customer experience and employee wellness. She is committed towards building outstanding workplaces which are results driven and aims at transforming and building organizational cultures for sustainability and growth. She is responsible for ensuring smooth operations of Aurora energy and remains keen on upholding the organization’s mission and vision and adhering to its set standards.

About Us

Rumbidzayi Masiyambiri

Sales & Marketing

Rumbidzayi Masiyambiri serves as the face of our company. She creates an overarching image that represents our company in a positive light with vast experience in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Rumbidzayi has been in the Renewable Energy Industry for quite a long time. A wife, a mother and a sister who holds a Bachelor’s (Hons) Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. She is also currently doing her Master of Business Administration (MBA).